Friday, April 14, 2017

River Otter!

Not long ago, we were near one of the larger rivers in Singapore. The boys and I were about 100 yards behind Ash when we saw here waving her arms, frantically trying to get our attention. By the time we made it over to her, whatever it was that had gotten her so excited, was nowhere in sight. "I saw some otters!" she told us excitedly. Otters? In Singapore? That sounds unlikely, I thought, imagining otters swimming in the crystal clear fresh waters of some river in far, northern Canada. "Sure, Ash, you saw some otters." We stood, staring at the water for a long while, hoping to see those otters thinking that we were just as likely to spot the Loch Ness Monster. Jump ahead a month or two when we were out for one of our typical weekend scooter and skate outings along the river. This time, it was Rai yelling out frantically, "What is that over there?!  Is that a giant monitor lizard? It's so big!" We all followed his finger, across the river where a giant beast moved along the edge of the river. It was huge, and it was dragging a big fish in the grass. We crossed a bridge to get a closer look.  The Loch Ness Monster!  No, but it was the next best thing: a river otter.  Before we could get any closer, though, it skirted quickly along the retaining wall and took the long leap back down into the river. We had seen an otter and Ash was not crazy, after all. Two wins on this day.

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