Saturday, April 1, 2017

2 Weeks Back Down Under - Day 11: More Car Trouble

After our all-day alternator affair in Margaret River, we thought that our car troubles were through. Unfortunately, this was not the case. After several days of dimming lights, no power for our small in-camper fridge and, finally, our inability to get the pop-top second "bedroom" up, we knew that there was more to our camper's electrical problems than had been discovered five days ago. Lucky for us, we were again in a "major" town and were able to take care of our problem without too much hassle, just a loss of time. And, after a night with all four of us "sleeping" down in the main bed of our camper, we knew that we finally deserved something that would give us all a better night's sleep. After some web searching at the local library, we found a great place out in the middle of nowhere aptly named the Cosy Corner Chalets. Wood stove, comfortable bed, a kitchen and living room... after sharing a camper van for ten days, this was luxury!

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