Sunday, March 19, 2017

2 Weeks Back Down Under - Day 1: Perth, Fremantle and Cottesloe Beach

We, and the boys, enjoyed our summer caravan trip through Australia so much that, when it came time to talk about how we should spend our final holiday in Singapore, Australia came up as the first choice. Clearly, Australia is a huge country so even our 6 week summer journey barely exposed us to this vast continent. This time, we decided, we would fly into western Australia and focus on the southwest corner. We landed in Perth in the evening and went straight to bed. Our first full day would be a busy one. A short walk was enough to give us a taste of Perth. We knew, however, that we would prefer to spend this first day in Fremantle, Perth's historic port town. It's a beautiful town with seemingly endless lanes of historic stone buildings. The vibe, too, matches our aesthetic: artsty and organic. Cottesloe Beach is not far away so we were able to tag on a few hours of beach time for the boys. They could stay there forever and we, could stay in Australia forever, too. Good thing we have 14 more days!