Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Lucky Number 13

Ash and I have shared 15 incredible years together, 13 of those married. It feels like we've packed a lifetime's worth of experiences and joy into this decade and a bit together and through it all, we've always come out stronger and closer and always, even more in love! We've found it hard to get out and celebrate these occasions since we became parents but this time, we managed to slip away for 8 hours -- a perfect combination of dining, pampering, and entertainment. Dining came in the form of a cool cafe in Telok Ayer, pampering was a visit to Singapore's first Japanese style "onsen", and the entertainment portion of the day was La La Land at the very deliberately retro Projector Theater where we sat on bean bags and ate Thai food while watching the film! After a day out like this with the love of my life, I'm looking forward to doing this again in 13 years!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Happy Lunar New Year!

It's that time again when everything shuts down and the clamor of lion dances can be heard everywhere -- it's the Lunar New Year and the boys celebrated with a little show at their Friday morning assembly! Watch Ko make his grand entrance at 1:40 in the video below.


Simpang Kiri Park Connector and Sembawang Park

Our best days out with the boys tend to be those during which we just take out the scooters, skateboard, and roller skates and cruise along one of Singapore's wonderful Park Connector trails. And, inadvertently, we found one of our new favorite hawker centers right outside Yishun Station. Where many hawker centers have a limited selection of options, this one had a good mix of stalls with a dish that could make each of us smile! That was yesterday and it was perfect!