Saturday, August 27, 2016

Singapore Grand Prix!

Every September, the Formula One comes to Singapore for, what I think is, the only Night Grand Prix. The track is being set up in the Marina Bay right now and, for the time being, is open to the public. We happened upon the course last night on our way from the Golden Mile Complex (Singapore's "Little Thailand") to the Marina Bay and, what an experience it was racing across the finish line as, at least, two spectators watched from the grandstands! Oh, the speeds we reached on our modest wheels -- what a thrill! Also along the way, we came across a family of stray cats living under a bridge. The smallest of the kittens had fallen down from the ledge and the couldn't get back up. Luckily, we arrived at just the right time to rescue the kitten, putting him back up into the rafters where his eager family waited. Immediately, they surrounded him, cuddled with him and licked him clean. It was a bright spot in our long, hot afternoon out.

Rai is 88 Months Old!

88, but still young at heart!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Paper Planes

Rai, recently, has really been into making paper airplanes and, in our search for the perfect place from which to throw our planes, we ended up on the 16th floor of our condo. Sure, there were some serious crash landings but nothing beat the high we felt when we watched our planes spiral their way down to the driveway as we followed them down in the glass elevator. Twice, we were literally able to catch the plane as it came down at ground level! Taking it to the next level, we visited the Pinnacle at Duxton this weekend, throwing our planes from the 50th floor rooftop garden. What a thrill! Check out the video below to see all the action.
Meanwhile, we had to grab some burritos at our favorite place nearby and enjoyed a walk through Chinatown before settling in along the river for the evening -- our favorite spot to catch the cool, evening breeze!