Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tampines Park Connector

The National Parks administration has aspired to connect the many parks scattered around the island. Already, a handful of extensive networks connect parks in each region along 10-20 km long bike trails. Some of the Park Connectors are pretty urban (imagine a concrete sidewalk along a concrete canal). Others, however, are green and quiet even between parks. We walked one of these great trails yesterday, a piece of the Tampines Park Connector that took us from Sun Plaza Park, through the beautiful Tampines Eco Green, into the Pasir Ris Town Park, and ended at the north coast at Pasir Ris Park. It was a great network of paths and we enjoyed the day out with the boys very much. This is one we will keep in our back pocket for another day.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Lower Peirce Reservoir Park

Delving further into Singapore National Parks' wealth of parks and trails, we hunted down the hard to find trail system near the Lower Peirce Reservoir and, we were glad that we did. It turns out that we found what is probably our favorite trail in Singapore yet! The boardwalk begins in one of the best preserved stands of rainforest on the island and ends up right on the waters' edge at the reservoir. For the entirety of it's journey through the forest, it follows a creek -- a rare kind of trail in Singapore. Even rarer, there was almost nobody on the trail with us. On a small island with 6 million residents, finding a place to be alone is not easy. Why this amazing trail had so few on it was a mystery to us. Also great is the fact that after finishing the boardwalk, we could continue on through the reservoir park and straight into Bishan Park. All in all, the entire length offered us a good 10 km walk with lots of places to stop along the way for the boys and finishing at Sixth Avenue for some good food was the perfect way to round out the day!