Sunday, February 28, 2016

Car Free Sunday!

This morning, Singapore celebrated a real milestone: the city had it's first "car free" event. It will be a while before this event takes on the vibe of the Sunday Street events back home in S.F. but, for its inaugural car-free event, Singapore put on a great morning for those willing to hit the streets early on a Sunday morning. We will definitely come out every last Sunday of the month to see this event grow and attract even more Singaporeans. We'll keep our eyes open for the bubble lady, too! Meanwhile, on this day, we ended up meandering our way over to the Civil Defence Corps Museum and then the ARTrium at the MICA Building. All in all, a great Sunday out in the city!

Rai is 82 Months Old!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bukit Timah, Singapore's largest rainforest preserve has been closed for trail renovation since we moved here. However, the main access road to the summit of the bukit (hill) has been open on weekends so we decided to finally give this nature preserve a try even if we don't have access to the extensive trail network. The boys really worked to climb the steep, summit road but all the hard work paid off when we reached the summit of Singapore's highest peak. Reaching the top was like reaching the top of Everest. At a majestic height of 163 meters, we stood, on top of the world. Well, on top of Singapore island, anyway. The real adventure, however, was discovering the zip line in Hindhede Park at the base of the hill! When watching the video below, please understand that the video does not really capture the true nature of the zip line experience. There's a good grade to the line and by the halfway point, you're moving quite fast. The scariest part comes at the end, where a spring that absorbs your motion doesn't absorb nearly enough of your downward momentum. As the spring catches you, you swing way, way up, nearly hitting the support poles, then swing back down hitting the ground as your weight pulls you back down to earth. It's an adrenaline and injury-inducing experience. None of us left unscathed. Despite the fear factor and some injuries sustained, the boys had a blast! And, of course, so did we!