Saturday, November 28, 2015

Singapore River Taxi

We've been avoiding the Singapore River Cruise since, at $25 per person, it seemed a bit too expensive for a boat trip along the river. It's a good thing that we held off because, just this week, I found out that there is actually a river taxi service set up for commuters which costs only $3 per trip. The taxi service is run by the same group that runs the tour boats so it is in their best interest to have passengers pay the tour rates instead of the taxi rates. For this reason, they make sure that catching the taxi is as confusing as possible. The taxi stops along the river are not well marked and the same boats are used for tours and taxi service. We were determined to catch the taxi and made it happen yesterday despite the obstacles thrown in our way.
It's a great way to travel up and down the Singapore River and we can see ourselves using the taxi to commute from a spot on the river near to our place to downtown in the future!

Kayaking the Macritchie Reservoir

After seeing all the kayakers out on the lake a few weekends ago, we knew that we had to go back to try it for ourselves. We rented two double kayaks and just when we started to make some distance between us and the shore, we were stopped mid-paddle by a warning blaring over a megaphone, "Rental kayaks, please return to the paddle area!" After the shock of the sheer volume of the warning had worn off, we went back to work, paddling hard, heading for the very distant shore across the length of the reservoir. Then, again, "Attention rental kayaks! Please return to the paddle area!" Loud, very loud. They must have been talking to some other renters who were near the end of their rental time because we had only used up 6 minutes of our 1 hour. We kept going. A moment later, another warning. It was starting to seem like maybe this was for us. We kept going, ignoring several other warnings over the next few minutes. Finally, we found a an inlet into which we could slip away, out of sight of the boathouse. When our hour was up, we returned to find out that the zone for rental boats is a tiny little zone near the shore and only those with some kind of certification can paddle beyond that zone. It's a good thing that we enjoyed our long boat trip on this day because we're probably on the Singapore Canoe Federation's black list and won't be able to rent from them again. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Seussical the Musical

Ash is on a bit of an arts flourish this past month and the boys are the lucky beneficiaries of this. Not long ago, they attended a performance of Seussical the Musical at the Esplanade Theaters by the Bay. They loved it and we loved hanging out in the Marina as the evening set in. It is a beautiful place to see the lights of the city.

Rai is 79 Months Old!

Looks like both boys are becoming more and more active in the kitchen! Following the recipes in his "Recipe for Adventure" book series, Rai loves to get into kitchen to cook or bake something. Ko, of course, likes to join him if only to get his hands a little dirty!