Tuesday, June 30, 2015

First Rain

Before arriving in Singapore, we read that every two or three days, a strong afternoon rain falls on the island and cools everything down. We've been here for 10 days and haven't seen rain yet. Until this morning. It's great to hear and feel the rain even if it does mean that we had to postpone our trip to Legoland Malaysia.

Little India

Little India can be described in a few words. Colorful. Vibrant. Gritty. In other words, it's authentic. Every few minutes during our afternoon in this historic quarter, we stopped and just let the atmosphere of the place overwhelm us. There are hints of this kind of Asia in other parts of Singapore but, although modernity and order is efficient and predictable, it takes a little bit of the flavor from life. Here, the streets are alive in the way we love. At times, I almost felt like we were back in India and that is the best experience I could have asked for.

Monday, June 29, 2015


Often called the grand daddy of Asian theme parks, Sentosa Island offers a little bit of everything for everyone. We went for the aquarium, a few thrill rides, and the beach. For reasons I won't get into, we never made it to the aquarium. Ko loved the downhill Luge ride, Rai loved the Extreme Log Ride in 4D and we all loved the Butterfly Park and the theatrical "Images of Singapore" history show. Despite the many ways there are to part with your cash, it's always the free things that are the best. Once we got to the beach, the boys had the time of their lives and it was hard to leave. We took the gondola to the island this time, but it's good to know that Sentosa is just a short train ride from our new place. Leaving the Presidio, it was important for us to find a substitute for Baker Beach. Palawan Beach isn't right out our door, but the train does drop us off right at the beach and the trip is no more than 20 minutes. There's no pine trees but there are palms. There's certainly no Golden Gate Bridge, but there is the swinging bridge over to the southernmost point on continental Asia. And, in a city of almost 6 million, we had the entire beach nearly to ourselves. Yes, I do believe that we have found our beach.