Saturday, May 31, 2014

23 Months To Go!

Ko was pretty excited by the first image of the new Batmobile and Batfleck that was tweeted by Zack Snyder just this week. He celebrated by wearing his Batman pajamas and getting a couple Bat images tattooed on his hands. Meanwhile, Bat junkies such as myself are getting pretty excited about the prospect of a grey and blue batsuit (fans have already digitally altered the monochrome image that was tweeted) and the look and feel of the suit which seems to confirm that Snyder may go for a "Dark Knight Returns" style for Batman. Awesome! Unfortunately, we all have to wait until May of 2016 for the film to be released.

Mothers Day Tradition

Sometimes we fall a bit behind, but we never forget the small traditions we have begun. We finally had a chance to fulfill our Mothers Day tradition of visiting Beach Burrito and Judalicious on Judah Street. We've been having lunch or dinner there on (or near) Mothers Day since Rai was born. Looking back on photos from this event, year to year, always brings a smile to our faces and a tear to our eyes...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Soccer: Season 2 is now Done

Rai's second season of soccer has come to an end. It was especially sad knowing that this is goodbye for the Phoebe Hearst Preschool Dragons. Luckily, Ash has already set up the next season of soccer for Rai's incoming kindergarten class and... they'll be the "Dragons", again!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Daily Commute

For the last few years, when we went biking as a family, Rai and Ko have peacefully shared the small space that is the interior of a Burley bike trailer. By February of this year, however, they had finally outgrown the space. What used to be a tranquil ride to and from work for Ashe, towing the boys along with her, became a nightmare as the boys fought and screamed as each tried to claim some extra space and comfort inside the Burley. On hills, the tug and push of their convulsive battles nearly knocked Ashe over several times during each trip. So, we sold the Burley and started to look at options for larger kids. The first contender was the Weehoo attachment. It seemed promising but tilted too much around turns and left Koey screaming and crying. The Yuba and Xtracycle bikes were way out of our price range. For months, Ashe lost the daily bike ride she loved making and we were again a family that commuted by car -- not a sustainable option for us. Finally, as is often the result of diligent and persistent browsing on Craigslist, Ashe finally found a used Kona, extended bike. The price was right and the custom seating, fabulous saddle bags, and electric assist made this an irresistible option. Our new ride is pretty sweet. Ko did take a while to accept it but, now that he has, the boys have so much fun riding behind Dad! It sure helps to have Grandma's custom seat cushions, too! Today we took our first long ride around the city to test just how long that electric cell would keep assisting me on the more treacherous hills of San Francisco (see our ride map below). We made lots of stops along the way, of course, and even got some ideas on how to glam up our ride for future Sunday Streets events...  It was a big success. We are super excited to make our family commute together next Fall as we drop off Ko at preschool together and then continue to our school with Rai where the three of us will spend our days. Life couldn't be any more perfect!



Rai is 61 Months Old!

The fifth birthday has come and gone. Rai is in his 60s now...

Kotaru is 43 Months Old!

We're a week or two behind here at the Sequoia Grove, but tradition is tradition so, todahy we announced Ko's 43rd monthly "birthday".  Not too long now until "baby Ko" is 4 years old -- oh, my!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Devil's Slide Hike

Not long ago, the Devil's Slide Tunnel along Highway 1 near Pacifica was finally completed. The 2 mile stretch of the highway that once ran along the shifting and dangerous cliffs of this slide have now been converted into a hiking and biking trail. The fact that it has been kept as a paved "trail" makes it not as appealing as it otherwise would be but the views make the "hike" well worth the effort!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mothers' Day!

To honor and thank the one-of-a-kind mother in our family, we (somehow) were able to book a night at one of the rustic, historic, and incredible cabins at Steep Ravine. For Ashe and I, it has been ten or eleven years since we've stayed there and the experience is as amazing as we remember it being. Our stay was perfect, but still not enough to thank our perfect Mom for everything she does for our family. Happy Mothers' Day, Ashe! We love you so much!