Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trip to Winnipeg - Day 6: Dinner and a Playground

How could we not visit Winnipeg's Railway Museum? Rai and Kotaru loved the visit to the old rail station and the hidden away collection of old rail cars and treasures. We followed that with dinner at Mongo's Grill followed by a visit to a neighborhood playground. It was the quiet day some really needed...


Monday, July 30, 2012

Trip to Winnipeg - Day 5: Museum Day

On this hot Sunday, we decided to stay indoors and what better place to be trapped indoors than at the Manitoba Museum, the Planetarium, and the Science Gallery. The uninspiring Planetarium show made us wonder if we had made the right choice in visiting the complex. That disappointment was quickly forgotten once we had begun our journey through the Manitoba Museum. We have never visited a museum that tells a story as well as this one does. The entire time, one is taken through life-size models of the Manitoban landscape and environment, both natural and man-made. Highlights include the life-size 17th century British trading ship and the old town. As incredible as it was for the adults, the kids didn't feel as enthralled as we were until we got into the Science Gallery, a hands-on museum of science and gadgets.