Monday, April 30, 2012

One Fairy Special Birthday Party

Every day, Kotaru spends several morning hours at the home of Lucy and Siri, who live just up the hill from us in the Presidio. Over this year, Ko and little Siri have become good friends. Hearing Siri say, "Ko Ko", just melts our hearts. Last weekend, Siri celebrated her second birthday and the party had a "fairy" theme. Rai and Ko were more than happy to oblige. They were the fairy-est of them all except, of course, the birthday girl herself who looked beautiful!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Still Growing

The only way to know for sure that Rai is still growing is to visit the ocean mural at Judahlicious. Yep, looks like he did grow a bit over the past 6 months...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

End of April: Check out Those Succulents!

Two years ago, just after Rai's first birthday, we started a little, end of April tradition by getting a photo of Rai amongst the amazing, flowering succulents by Baker Beach. We came back just after his second birthday to see the same wonderful display. This year, it was a bit easier: we now live right at that spot. We've been watching the Spring flowers blooming all around us and, yes, the purple succulent flowers are back, too!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Stomp Rockets

I made some stomp rockets with a few of my classes at school. They're made of 2L plastic bottles, PVC piping, plastic hoses, and paper. Then, a week later, Rai received a real, store-bought stomp rocket as a gift for his birthday. As my students will be "launching" their rockets on Monday, it was important that I take today off of work in order to do some practice and research with the boys. We took the new stomp rocket down to Baker Beach for some stompin' and launchin'. Great fun!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baker Beach Sunset

Even when it's a bit cold or windy, or when rain clouds fill the sky, living just above Baker Beach is not a bad place to live. While the cold kept most people off of the beach, the boys and we enjoyed a very quiet late afternoon at Baker Beach with the setting sun giving us an incredible light show.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Open House

Galileo High School's annual Open House is intended to attract families of prospective students, mostly 8th graders. It seems that every year, the event gets lower and lower attendance. Tonight, we hung around the math office at school, waiting and waiting for parents and families that never seemed to arrive. It's a good thing that Rai and Ko were around to keep all the math teachers entertained. And, when the math teachers weren't enough to entertain them, they ran off with the math "toys" and danced to the music made by the wonderful Galileo Drum Corps. This is the most fun we had at a Galileo Open House in years!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Auction Night

Life in San Francisco isn't cheap. Tuition at Rai's preschool is well over one thousand per month, yet that isn't enough. The school needs to aggressively fund raise every year. Recently, we attended their annual Auction Gala. We went for the experience and to show our support. Bidding began at a minimum of $500 on all items and most sold for a thousand dollars beyond that. Our $20 bids weren't taken too seriously.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Grandma did an amazing job putting together a special train just for R-A-I for his birthday party. Or, is that IRA?  Rai and Ko, the train enthusiasts that they are, were so adamant that we put the red caboose last, that Grandma's train was no longer the Rai Express. A name is just a name, though. Ira and Ko had a great time playing in their new train -- that's all that matters. Thanks, Grandma!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rai is 3 Years Old Today!

Every year, the combined efforts of a few people who love Rai too much, create a birthday party to remember. This year was no different. Everything came together perfectly for Rai's big third birthday party. The venue changed from Sutro Heights Park to Lincoln Park but all those things that made his first two birthdays so great remained the same: family, friends, good food, and fun! Some of Rai's best friends couldn't make it, but Rai's favorite music teacher, Teacher El, was there to entertain the kids and she was wonderful! Happy Birthday, Rai!

video video

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beach Days

One of Rai's favorite books begins: "Not every day is a beach day, though the beach is always there. Often it is too cold, or the waves are too high, or you have to be somewhere else. But sometimes it's perfect -- school's out, surf's up, the sun is high, the air is warm...then everyone heads for the beach."

Today was one of those days -- the good one, not the bad one. Looking down on the road from our balcony, we could see bumper to bumper traffic headed both ways. People were heading for the Golden Gate Bridge and coming from the Golden Gate Bridge. On days like this, we're kind of stuck because we can't get our car out of the Presidio. No worries -- Baker Beach is just a 3 minute walk down the hill.
It turns out that lots of those cars were trying to get to Baker Beach, too. I don't think we've ever seen the beach as crowded as it was this afternoon. There's always room, though, so we finally settled down in the "family zone" by Lobos Creek. It's great to have the creek running across the beach because Rai still likes to keep a 50-100 foot buffer between him and the waves so at least he gets to wade in the creek. It looks like we'll have another day like this one for his birthday party tomorrow morning!