Sunday, July 31, 2011

Visitors from Canada - Day 3

We like to think that Uncle Bart brought his family to S.F. to visit us, but the truth is that he's here to run the S.F. Marathon. That happened this morning. We left the house at 4:30 a.m. He started at 5:42 and finished shortly after 8 a.m. As he ran, we raced around the city with the kids, using his pace to calculate which mile markers we could meet him at (to the minute!). We ended up seeing Uncle Bart run by at mile 5, mile 11, mile 20 and mile 25. At mile 25, I joined Bart and ran the last mile. For a moment, I actually considered running across the finish line with him to become the only runner to finish in flip flops, but veered off the course before I made that mistake. Bart's goal of finishing under 3 hours 30 minutes was reached despite S.F.'s killer hills. According to Bart, a marathon isn't complete without a visit to McDonald's for a Big Mac Meal (super sized, of course) but in this case he had to settle for Taqueria Cancun for some large burritos. Real beef, not that McDonald's ground up hooves stuff. While he ate that burrito, Bart could think about the great accomplishment it is to place 417th out of 5928 racers and 10th out of 114 Canadians! Well done!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Visitors from Canada - Day 2

The summer fog is here... at least across half the city (our half). A couple days of this were enough to chase us out of our woods and into the heart of the urban jungle. We hit the Mission today to get some sun (and ice cream). Rai and Cole are becoming better and better friends. Oh, and did I mention that Rai and Kotaru are now the proud owners of t-shirts with the brand new Winnipeg Jets logo? The Jets hockey team is back in Winnipeg and the boys are amongst the first to have a piece of the sold out merchandise.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Visitors from Canada - Day 1

How great it is to have Bart, Kristin and little Cole here with us. I love a full house and that's exactly what we have now. Now that all the "first meetings" have been taken care of, we can just watch as all our little boys get to know each other. Rai and Cole have become fast friends and Ko now has two big, walking role models to follow around!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer's Almost Over...?!

Nothing could remind us more that our summer break is quickly coming to an end than to get together with some of our "school" friends. A couple teachers that moved away to teach at an international school in Jordan were in town for a few days so we rounded up a some teachers and met at the beach. It was great to see everyone but thoughts of going to work every day again were something I could live without.